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The Life Style, the Passion, the Custom Wine Cellar Business | Why we love to Build Beautiful Wine Rooms

Imagine that you had the ability to travel to another part of the world, during a different time of history. Imagine you were able to experience the smells of the vineyard, indulge in the complexities of the local culture, and immerse yourself in the regional experience…now imagine you could do this all without leaving your home. Wine enthusiast have this ability through every sip, each different bottle offering a new experience.

The Wine Cellar Entertainment Paradise – Luxury for the Senses

The world of wine collectors is more than just a compulsion to collect; it is a passion for the experience that a fine glass of wine can offer. Although wine collecting is often revered as a refinement of life, a product of sumptuous living, to a wine collector, it’s a way of life, a luxury for the senses; it is “The Wine Lifestyle”.

Here at Wine Cellar International, we understand wine collectors, and their passion for their wine collections. A wine collection is a very personal thing to the collector; it can be as dynamic and individualistic as any facet of their life. Understanding this, our goal at Wine Cellar International is to create a wine cellar that reflects the collector’s own personality in their space. Our designers work closely with homeowners, Sommeliers and business owners to really get a feel for the vision that they are looking to create. We offer ideas and suggestions, and really work hard lending our expertise to our clients so they have a custom wine cellar that truly caters to their passion and collection.

Residential and Commercial Wine Cellar Design

Home Owners who are planning a Home Wine Room share the Wine Lifestyle desire with Business owners who are planning a Commercial Wine Storage Display or Wine Tasting Room. While it is true that business owners are driven by the bottom line they also understand that they are creating an environment that attracts the impassioned wine enthusiast. By attracting this very targeted audience with the right environment their revenues increase and their clients return again and again.

Why choose a Florida wine cellar specialist builder and designer?

As most wine collectors know, the environment for proper wine room storage is of paramount importance. Whether your collection is for personal consumption or is a long term investment, how your wine is stored is something that cannot be understated. The wine racking itself is really just the design element for the space; a properly built space by a wine cellar specialist will ensure that everything is done in a manner that will provide optimal temperatures, humidity levels using the proper wine cellar refrigeration systems and related materials and products. An improperly built wine cellar is a disaster waiting to happen. After the room is built according to the proper methodology conducive to an optimal wine cellar environment, then our designers will discuss in detail what your storage needs for your collection are and how we can both maximize and showcase your wines.

Ready to get going on your Wine Cellar Project?

As a full service company Wine Cellar International can provide all aspects of your wine room needs, from start to finish, whether is with our team, with your contractor or just as a project consultant, we are there to assist. We recommend you start by visualizing your ideas through a detailed three dimensional drawing. Click here and with no obligation we will help you design the perfect cellar – free no obligation wine cellar design consultation!


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