Building a Home Wine Cellar is Not a Do-It-Yourself Project. Letting a Trusted Florida Wine Cellar Builder Do it Will Save You Time and Money.

wine cellar dyiBuilding a full wine cellar should not be a do-it-yourself project. If you want your wine cellar to be a perfect home for your precious collection, you must ask a professional in wine cellar design and installation to help you build the room.

Wine needs a climate–controlled environment for it to age well and be enjoyed by the drinker. Without professional expertise, you’d find it hard to build your wine cellar in such a way so as to maintain that perfect climate, wasting your investment spent on the cellar and wine.

Your chosen wine cellar company will create a custom design that suits your room, style and budget. They will see to it that all the essential elements are installed in your wine room to ensure efficiency, and prevent problems in the future.

At Wine Cellars International, our objective is to create a stellar design for your Florida residential wine cellar and ensure proper storage conditions to protect our clients’ investment.

Designing a Wine Cellar


wine cellar plan

Proper utilization of your space and the desired overall look of your Florida residential wine cellar cannot be achieved without the help of an expert wine cellar designer. Here are the important factors that need to be considered in designing a wine cellar:

  • size and location of your room
  • number, size and shape of bottles that you plan to store
  • purpose of collecting wine: for personal consumption or for long-term storage?
  • type of wine cellar: traditional or contemporary?
  • type and material of wine racks you want to use
  • type of wine cellar cooling system
  • type of flooring
  • wine cellar door style and material
  • wine cellar lighting system
  • your allotted budget for the project

After understanding all the specific requirements, we will create a residential wine cellar design that will help you visualize your completed custom wine room. Our professional team of designers will ensure that all your storage, display and management preferences are met. Their creativity will transform any-sized room into a stunning wine cellar that you can show-off to your guests.

After we create a 3D wine cellar design for free, you can preview and make some revisions if necessary. We will wait for your approval before we proceed to the construction phase.

Why Your Wine Cellar Should be Built by a Professional

temperature and humidityThe main reason wine goes bad is because of temperature fluctuations, this is why your collection must be stored in a cool place. Since wine’s flavors and aroma are negatively affected by unstable temperature, it should be kept and in a wine cellar constructed by a knowledgeable company.

The environment of a wine room is different from any area in your home. The temperature in most home is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Wine cellars should be kept between 55-58 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next to temperature, humidity is another important environment factor that can affect the quality of wine when not maintained properly. Wine cellars should have a humidity level between 55-75%.

Keeping your wine cellar temperature and humidity levels within the correct range will ensure that your wines reach proper maturation. This will ensure that the cork keeps its elasticity and prevent unwanted oxygen to seep through it. When the cork shrinks or deteriorates due to unstable conditions in your wine cellar, your favorite vintages will be damaged, and might be undrinkable.

wine cellar insulation

Insulation and a vapor barrier will help keep a climate-controlled environment in your wine cellar. This should only be done by a professional before the construction phase. A professional wine cellar builder has extensive knowledge and experience in the technical aspects of wine storage. They will install all the elements necessary to achieve the perfect conditions for  your wine.

The stability of this unique environment must be considered carefully in the construction of your wine room. At Wine Cellar International, our professional team will separate the environment in your home and your wine cellar by proper insulation and installation of the correct vapor barrier.

Benefits of Having Your Own Wine Cellar at Home

wine cellarWith lack of knowledge on proper wine storage, some wine collectors think that it’s okay to store their wines in kitchen refrigerators, boxes or kitchen cabinets. All of these cannot provide the right conditions for wine.

Wine refrigerators or wine chillers are a common wine storage option. While a wine refrigerator unit is economical and compact, it is not capable of maintaining the ideal humidity level like a climate-controlled wine cellar does.

It can only provide wine a relative humidity of 30%. This will provide wine a dry environment, resulting in brittleness and shrinkage in the cork. Because of this, it is not an ideal option for long-term storage.

When it comes to efficiency and reliability, a custom wine cellar is the best storage solution for collectors, whose priority is long-term enjoyment and safety of their wines. It is designed and installed with the right elements to achieve proper wine storage.

Having a home wine cellar also allows easy access to your favorite wines and provides a great place to entertain friends. It also allows you to express your creativity and uniqueness by incorporating your own style to the wine cellar design. A wine cellar also adds value to your home, which will benefit you if you sell your property in the future.

If you’re concerned about high expenses, Wine Cellar International will create a wine cellar that suits your budget. We have built residential wine cellars in Florida and Chicago for clients with various budget requirements.

Wine Cellar International Projects

wine cellar Miami BeachContemporary Residential Wine Cellar Design in Miami Beach, Florida

This recently-completed wine cellar was built with a contemporary design. The modern wine racks are made of stainless steel, a material known for its longevity, durability and resistance to rust or corrosion. The wine rack design includes 3-bottle deep horizontal storage, bin and bulk storage.

The door is also made with the same material used for the wine racks. For an airtight seal, it was installed with inset glass gasket around it. Properly sealed door helps the wine cooling system maintain optimal conditions in a wine room.

wine cellar Miami FloridaModern Custom Wine Cellars North Miami Aventura Florida Project

Another project of ours is a modern wine cellar designed to accommodate 800 to 1,000 wine bottles. The room is small but we were able to create a design that maximized the storage space, while meeting the client’s aesthetic requirements. The wine rack components include diamond bin storage, bulk storage and horizontal display.

Contact an Expert and Start Building Your Wine Cellar Project


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If you need inspiration for your next wine cellar project, view our wine cellar gallery.

Spray In Foam Insulation – The Superior Solution for Wine Cellar Construction

Update; as with everything technology changes and solutions improve. For a high quality wine cellar designs, we now recommend using spray foam insulation. Polyurethane spay foam offers significantly better climate control and eliminates the need to a separate vapor barrier. If you want the best for your wine cellar construction call Wine Cellar International +1 (954) 306-3180and ask about the latest in spray in foam solutions.